How to use Widget


1) Preview of widget

     If you touch the lightning bolt icon with a number, you can see a preview of the widget

     when your phone battery is low and when your phone battery is charging.

2) Face Selection

   You can select a face to use in the widget instead of the default image.

  If you are using Starcon and have it downloaded, the corresponding faces will show up as well.

3) Shortcut to Starcon






If Starcon is downloaded, then you will be navigated to Starcon by touching this icon.

After changing your settings, you will see the widget on your home screen.

By touching the battery widget’s speech bubble, you will be navigated back to the widget’s settings.

Decorate your screen with your favorite star with a Starcon widget! -> How to use the widget

How do I keep the emoticons I personlized and decorated?

06_갤러리에 스타콘 저장

How do I keep the emoticons I personlized and decorated?

A pop-up screen will show up after you select your desired emoticon,

telling you to select a Gif, image, or video format to save your image as.

After you choose the desired format, touch the ‘Save to Gallery’ button.

The emoticon shall be saved to your gallery.

Go save your emoticon to your gallery.

Another way to get Point

05_daily check 04_invite

Cons are necessary to purchase items!

If you check in every day or you invite friends, you get Point!

Become a member = 10,000 Point

Daily check in = 200 Point

7days continued check in = 2,000 Point

When your friend inputs your invitation code = 1,000 Point

When you join through a friend’s invitation code = 10,000 Point

You can also get Point through other various events!

Go collect Point now!